With over 70 machines, spread over 2 floors and 6 different zones – we have something for everyone at Motion Fitness.

Included in your membership, you get regular fitness assessments and a personalised workout plan made by one of our fully qualified gym staff so you can get the most out of each workout.  There’s no booking and no time limit on your gym sessions. 

Fitness Classes

We run a variety of different fitness classes, including; circuits, HIIT, abz, weight training class and boxing. All classes are designed for complete beginner to advanced exerciser.

These classes are busy and it is advised that you book in advance. Please click here to book online.

Cardio Zone

The cardio Zone is located upstairs and has a wide range of equipment with something for everyone.  There’s over 20 machines including, treadmills, stairmaster, spin bikes, watt bike, rowing machines, arc trainers, wave machines and more.  There is a separate functional room with a range of kettlebells, medicine balls, and a matted area for doing body weight exercises or stretches.

Cardio Zone

Weights Area

The Weights Area is on the ground floor of the building with a huge range of equipment, so no matter whether it's leg day or shoulder day we have plenty of variety to meet your training needs.   Some of the resistance equipment in the weights zone includes two smith machines, two double cables, a range of dumbbells from 2.5kg - 25kg (up to 50kg in our power room – see details below), a vast range of fixed weight machines including leg press, lat pull down, pec flyes, plated shoulder press, abdominal crunch and much more.


Power Zone

Situated off the weights area we have a dedicated Power Zone with a Full Power Cage complete with 300 kg of weights, two 20kg 7ft Olympic Bars, an EZ bar and a 20kg  Trap bar too, in this room we also have dumbbells ranging from 25 kg – 50 kg.  We have everything you need for power and Olympic weights lifting.


Power Zone

Why not come along for a tour round the gym to see what we have to offer you and your fitness goals?